For individuals wishing to apply for this WTO activity, application forms are only available from local Government institutions or from the Permanent Missions to the WTO. To be considered, all completed applications must be endorsed by the competent national authority before submission.


Title of the activity
Regional Trade Policy Course (RTPC) for Arab and Middle Eastern Members and Observers of the WTO.
Activity Type
Regional Trade Policy Course
The Regional Trade Policy Course (RTPC) is an intermediate training course set at Level 2 of WTO's Progressive Learning Strategy (PLS) for training and capacity building. The RTPC is designed for a "generalist" audience of government officials who have undertaken basic WTO training (PLS Level 1).

The objectives of the RTPC are primarily to: 1) deepen participants understanding of the WTO Agreements and the functioning of the WTO, its rules and procedures; 2) enhance participants understanding of relevant trade policy issues in their regional context; 3) increase participants autonomy to work on WTO issues by strengthening their capacity to access and utilize WTO information resources and in particular the WTO Legal Texts; and, 4) facilitate the strengthening of participant's network of professional contacts (participants, regional and WTO experts).

Selected participants will be expected to come prepared to engage in active learning, which will include making presentations and engaging in discussions on the challenges faced by their respective country/customs territory. They will also be given a final exam. Successful participants will be duly recognized jointly by the WTO and the King Saud University.
Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of
Trade topic
Multi topic
Start Date
End Date
Duration (days)
selection process
Governments of WTO Members and Observers are invited to nominate candidates for the RTPC for Arab and Middle Eastern Members and Observers of the WTO.
All candidates must satisfy the nomination and selection criteria listed below (pre-requisites). To allow for a broad selection process, governments are encouraged to submit up to three candidates for consideration. Depending on the number of candidates from the entire region, determination will be made on the precise number of participants.

Applications are equally welcome from qualified women and men. The selection results will be communicated to the candidates and their Permanent Mission to the WTO.
(i) Candidates should have successfully completed, within the last four years, the WTO e-Learning course "Introduction to the WTO" or a Geneva-based Introductory Trade Policy Course for LDCs (formerly Introduction Course for LDCs). Candidates who wish to participate in the RTPC but have not yet completed the e-Learning course "Introduction to the WTO" are strongly encouraged to do so. In exceptional circumstances, consideration will be given to candidates who do not meet the aforementioned criteria but who possess knowledge or professional experience that is demonstrably commensurate with the course's requirements;

(ii) Candidates should have at least three years of professional experience and be currently working in the administration of their respective Member/Observer in the field of the formulation and conduct of trade policy, with the definite expectation of continuing to work, or being assigned further responsibilities, in this field. Preference will be given to those who have completed university studies in economics, law, or a related subject, or have acquired equivalent experience as civil servants in their administrations;

(iii) Candidates must be fully proficient in spoken and written English in order to participate in the course as the RTPC will be conducted in English. An understanding of the language is not sufficient. Where English is not a working language of the WTO Member/Observer nominating the candidate, a language proficiency certificate must be submitted along with the WTO Nomination Form. Telephone interviews of candidates may be carried out to evaluate their level of English proficiency;

(iv) Candidates must be ready to be devoted full time to the course.
Target Audience
Government officials
Application Deadline
Key Result
1. Government officials are implementing WTO Agreements and fully realising Members' rights and obligations
Key Output
1.1: Government officials have enhanced knowledge about WTO Agreements, trade policy formulation and conduct of trade negotiations
Invited Members and Observers:
Bahrain, Kingdom of
Kuwait, the State of
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of